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The Most Important Growth Marketing Hack

What is the most important Growth Marketing Hack?

In Small business, A lot of people want to know the latest Growth Marketing strategy or ‘The Best Growth Hack’. One of the most common Digital Marketing questions we receive is ‘What is your best growth hacking technique at the moment?’. I’m going to let everyone in on a secret… There is a technique, and it’s not directly related to Growth Marketing, its called ‘Deliberate Learning’.

The best part of this technique, strategy, characteristic or whatever you might choose to call it, is that everyone can do it!

Can ‘Deliberate Learning’ be applied to Digital Marketing or more specifically Growth Marketing?

Easy, it all comes down to discipline, focus and desire! Spend 20 minutes attempting to understand one concept or strategy you don’t completely understand. Spend a whole week understanding this one concept or strategy. Don’t focus on the end result of the concept, focus on understanding it thoroughly.

A quote from a favorite book of mine, ‘Talent is Overrated’ by Geoff Colvin, “The best performers set goals that are not about the outcome but about the process of reaching the outcome.” Take this commentary to your practice of learning Digital Marketing. Spend your first week (more if extremely complicated topic) use this time to understand all the basics.

Spend the next week (or more) unpacking your topic further, learn it’s limitations, find other uses, think of scenarios. Think of a computer programmer, the best programmers understand their program language and then understand the boundaries, limitations, and how to create. The same as the best Growth Marketers understand the tool, strategies, concepts and thoroughly and test its capabilities.

The Growth Hacking Mindset

Digital Marketing should be no different. For example, Spend 20 minutes a day learning the basics of Facebook Marketing or Email Marketing. There are some great resources out there on this topic (will list in reference). Once you understand the basics, then research into the best results and the worst results, Look for stories of Success and Failures, learn what Facebook Marketing can do and what it cant do.

This can be a small project for two-three weeks. You might not become a Digital Marketer or Growth Marketer, but you will come away with new understandings and new ideas. This will translate into other areas of your business, you will understand the jargon if you need to hire a Digital Marketing Agency and this is a win in itself, this will protect you from unscrupulous offers or pricing plans.

I hope this might have inspired you to set some time aside a day to focus on learning. We know its hard when running a small business,  but as Michael Dell (Founder of Dell) put it .“You don’t need to be a genius or a visionary, or even a college graduate for that matter, to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.” So don’t forget to build deliberate learning into your framework!

-David Taylor-Smith

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Check out this great list of Basic Digital Marketing resources to help get you on your journey-

Facebook- Facebook Blueprint

Coding- Code Academy

Linkedin- Linkedin Academy

Google- Digital Garage

SEO- SEMRush Academy

Web Design- Check out this ultimate list! 

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David Taylor-Smith Growth Hacker

Written by David Taylor-Smith

David is a Growth Hacker and Digital Marketing Specialist in Sydney, Australia. He has an extensive knowledge in Growth Marketing strategies and techniques, ranging from PPC, SEO, SEM, Coding, HTML, Chatbots, Analytics and much more! David is a successful entrepreneur (having founded 2 SMB's), as well as being a former professional athlete and Coach.