Social Media Ad Campaigns

Using Social Media Ad Campaigns we can achieve outstanding results for your business. Social Media Ad’s across various platforms is a great way to attract and engage with potential customers along with influencing them to take important actions.

Social Media Ad's for your business

At Wizard Creative Labs, we harness the Ads real power which is hidden in the Data, We focus campaigns on specific goals with specific audiences using Research and Data to effectively manage and optimize these Ads. We have had great success using Social Media ads for our clients, we have created cost-efficient campaigns that have provided great results.


We ensure the Ads are creative, engaging and will achieve results.  All our Ad copy is effective and original, our words and visuals convert.


We create, analyse, and optimize creative Social Media Marketing ads. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat and many more.


We A/B test, along with using analytics and various other tools to gather data that will allow us to optimize ads and gain greater traction.

Social Media Advertising

Any Business has the same common goals. Acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and drive revenue. Growth Marketing focuses on achieving these goals whilst laser focusing in on the metrics and strategies that are producing the best results and in return increasing your ROI. 

In traditional Marketing, there are a lot of marketing strategies that are hard to measure, eg- Roadway Signage, Flyers, Coupons, etc. In Growth Marketing, every strategy is measured, analysed and adapted to produce results.

ROI. There is one main reason that many start ups look for Growth Hackers and Growth Marketers. They have vast amount of skills and tools at disposal along with data that increases effectivness.

Companies such as Facebook, Quora, AirBnB, Spotify, Linkedin, and the list goes on. They were all smaller at one stage and needed growth experts to drive them forward.

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Drop Box is a great example of using simple Growth Hacking to grow their user base. To increase their users, they offer increased storage for those that linked their social media to the account and shared Drop Box. A simple strategy such as this, increased user base numbers dramatically.

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