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5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Startups

Marketing your Startup is essential, the most difficult part is figuring out where you begin and which options are the most effective.

Startup Marketing

When it comes to marketing, startups face an uphill struggle. Not only are they going up against the considerably larger budgets of incumbents, but their brands are also unknown. It’s a double-whammy that makes marketing a challenge. 

However, it’s worth pointing out that it’s an opportunity. Starting with a blank slate allows the newly founded company to create a unique brand identity without any baggage. 

Here, we’re going to take a look at five effective marketing strategies for startups.


Press Releases And News Features


Press releases are a vital component of digital marketing. The purpose of a press release is to communicate news-worthy material to the broadest audience possible, generating awareness of who you are and what you do. 


Just as there are PPC and SEO services, there are also press release services. You don’t have to go to every media outlet in the country and tell them your story: get a press release writing service to do it for you. These services connect with dozens of media outlets and will publish your press release across a broad swathe of relevant publications. Popular services include PR Newswire, but there are many others.

Content Marketing

The place where startups can shine the most is in their content. Content marketing is a vital part of brand strategy, helping to flesh out what it is that you do, and what you’re trying to achieve. It’s a substantial time investment, but usually worth it because of the organic traffic it creates. 

As a startup solving a unique problem, you have ample opportunity to create videos, blogs, and infographics showing people what you’re doing. Your content should be informative, to the point, and emotionally evocative. 


SEO is an essential component of so-called “growth hacking.” Creating viral videos is one strategy, but if you want to rise through the ranks and generate a steady stream of interested customers to your site without PPC ads, then SEO is essential. 

The trick for startups is to find keywords associated with their products which aren’t targeted by the existing firms in the market. If you offer a new solution to a problem, this is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is target specific intent-related keywords people type into Google. If you are entering a more established marketplace, target long-tail keywords first. Shorter, highly competitive keywords are more difficult. 


PPC ads still play an essential role in startups. They enable you to launch yourself to the top of the rankings without the usual fuss. Ensure that you target specific niches within your audience. And if you’re on a tight budget, only target keywords with clear intent to buy. 


Email Marketing

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most potent forms of growth marketing available. Despite having been around for more than a quarter-century, email marketing has the highest ROI of any digital advertising to date. Most email campaigns achieve an ROI of 400 percent or more. Slowly build your email list organically (don’t buy it), and then send out high-quality marketing material to your customers. 

Need more Inspiration?

These are just a few basic strategies to get your startup on its way to greater awareness and growth. If you are still unsure where to begin or need professional Growth Marketing assistance. Reach out anytime for a Free Audit.

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